Urban Circus presents Silent Disco

Urban Circus presents Silent Disco
Photo courtesy of Collective Perspective

Urban Circus, in collaboration with Austin Silent Disco, presents a rediscovery of Houston nightlife. Challenging the traditional club atmosphere, the Silent Disco pops off in an unconventional sense. Instead of music playing through loudspeakers, each Musician / DJ is transmitted to a provided pair of colored LED, wireless headphones. Rather than a chronological lineup where each musical act plays one after the other, all of the electronic musicians transmit their performance to their own wireless channel - which is color coded to the headphones they are wearing.

Guests have the power to decide which musical act you are tuning into by switching the channel on your headphones, and when you do so everybody can tell what you're grooving to by the color of your headphones. Spontaneous dances with strangers listening to completely different music may erupt, yet to the outsider looking in they will hear nothing but the shuffling of your feet and joy of our community.

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7.30.16 | 9:00 pm


Planet Funk Academy
5731 Logan Ln.
Houston, TX


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