Theatre Lab Houston presents The Twentieth-Century Way

Will Bradley (L) and Robert Mammana (R) The Twentieth-Century Way
Will Bradley (L) and Robert Mammana (R) Photo by Brian Polok

Desire, reality and morality are artfully blurred in this award winning play about entrapping and exposing gay men by police. The Twentieth-Century Way is that rare convergence of a great story with a novel form of theatricality.

It's 1914. Two actors enter a bare stage for an audition.  Based on facts from an obscure anecdote from Los Angeles gay history. What begins as a series of practice improvisations blurs into reality as the deputized actors entrap members of Southern California's gay community. The actors (Will Bradley and Robert Mammana) portray a host of characters from the police, journalists, johns to their contemporaries in 1914, that turns out to be one of the most exciting aspects of the production.

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11.22.15 | 3:00 pm
11.21.15 | 8:00 pm
11.20.15 | 8:00 pm
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11.19.15 | 8:00 pm
11.18.15 | 8:00 pm


Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston (MATCH)
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

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