The Ensemble Theatre presents A Star is Bourne and My Hero

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The Ensemble Theatre kicks off its youth theatre performances with A Star is Bourne and My Hero. The two plays are creatively transitioned together and performed as one show.

A Star is Bourne is the story of Destiny Young, a young aspiring artist who goes on a journey to know herself. She learns not only about the history of the music she wants to sing, but also matures into a young woman willing to take responsibility for herself and the contribution her art can make to society.

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s a strong black man! Join the youth of the Young Performers production, My Hero, as they battle against the forces of evil and defend their community. Will our heroes make it in time to save the day?

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9.26.15 | 1:30 pm
9.26.15 | 11:00 am
9.19.15 | 11:00 am
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9.12.15 | 11:00 am


Ensemble Theatre
3535 Main St.
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