Studio 1821 presents Becky Newsom, Ann Stautberg, and Frances Bagley opening reception

Studio 1821 presents Group Exhibition of Painting, Photography, Sculpture
Newsom, Untitled (Orange and Blue), Oil on linen on aluminum Photo courtesy of Studio 1821

Veterans of Dallas’ hip cooperative art movement of the 1970s, Becky Newsom, Ann Stautberg, and Frances Bagley have come full circle and reunited for a self-curated exhibition in Studio 1821, one of 32 venues participating by invitation only in Sculpture Month Houston.

  • Becky Newsom: What is That?: Newsom, a graduate of the University of Texas now living in Hoboken, makes three-dimensional abstract shaped paintings in order “to create awkward, unexpected and transporting moments.” She starts with small drawings reflecting moments from nature, art history, or remembered sensations. The drawings are transformed into paintings on canvas that cover an armature bent and pounded from cut pieces of flat aluminum because doing so “presents endless possibilities to surprise myself.”
  • Ann Stautberg: Somewhere Between Painting and Photography: Born and raised in Houston, Stautberg works in an older, sensual tradition of painted photography. Using her film camera, focusing on the dramatic quality of shadow and light, she works spontaneously, observing and capturing moody and intimate interiors and exteriors around her home and neighborhood. She then applies translucent oil paint to the surface of mural-size chemical prints.
  • Frances Bagley: Searching for Self-Knowledge in The Timeless Rhythms of Life: Bagley is drawn to the way three-dimensional sculptural form activates its space and creates common ground with the viewer. Her figurative sculptures make reference to recognizable forms, human and animal, but she works as if they were abstract.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through November 19.

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10.15.16 | 6:30 pm


Studio 1821
1821 W. Alabama St.
Houston, TX


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Admission is free.