Station Theater Improv Comedy: Be Kind To Strangers with Magical Lying Hour and Incognito Burrito

Station Theater: Improv Comedy: Polygot, Feral Barn Cats and CAN Film Festival
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Station's Saturday shows celebrate the venue's students, alumni and sometimes special guests from visiting theaters.

Be Kind To Strangers is a sketch comedy troupe. The cast includes Andrew Stout, Aaron Garrett, Dennis Budde, Dustin Tannahill, Liz Castillo and Allison Parker.

Magical Lying Hour is made up of well-rehearsed actors who perform theatrical scenes alongside improvisers with no experience. The cast includes Aaron Garrett, Jessica Kelly, Travis Hoyt, Susannah Eig, Rachel Blomstrom, Steven Saltsman, David Toscano and Ruth Hirsch.

Incognito Burrito has completed its first level of improv training. Cast includes Mallory Sherer, Amina Windsor, Maidelys Rey, Kristen Baker, Noreen Mao, Matt Skelton, Jamaal Thomas, Kemper Anthony Burt, Trent Benefield, Luis Morejon and Heidi Cruikshank.

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2.7.15 | 8:30 pm


Station Theater
1230 Houston Ave.
Houston, TX 77007


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