Station Theater Dark Matter: Late Night Improv Comedy with Beyond Aisle 200 with Anchor Exquisite Corpse and Michelleangelo's Danny

Station Theater Dark Matter: Late-Night Improv Comedy with The Mockumentalists and Crescendo

An all-star cast dedicated to lampooning hum-drum American lifestyle, Beyond Aisle 200 will make you laugh, cry and rethink your major life decisions. Cast includes Danny Neumann, Matt Galowski, Calan Lambert, Antoine W. B., Jamie Meeks, Amechi Ngwe, Carrie Koch, Ken Andrews and Skippy Cooper.

Anchor Exquisite Corpse's sketches are constructed from unknown origins with unknown futures. Cast includes Aaron Garrett, Andrew Stout, Dennis Budde, Liz Castillo, Dustin Tannahill, Allison Parker, Kelly Juneau, Riley Smith, Mikey Groth, Ruth Hirsch, Ned Gayle, David Hallman, David Nichols and Nicole Nodarse.

Michelleangelo's Danny's cast includes Danny Neumann and Michelle Iracheta.

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4.3.15 | 10:00 pm


Station Theater
1230 Houston Ave.
Houston, TX 77007


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