Space Center Houston presents "Math Moves" opening day

Space Center Houston presents Math Moves!
Photo courtesy of Space Center Houston

Exponentially grow your math power in Space Center Houston’s all-new spring exhibit, "Math Moves!"

Created by the Science Museum of Minnesota, "Math Moves!" is a rich and engaging exhibit with more than 20 hands-on activities where visitors playfully investigate ratios and proportions. "Math Moves!" is an immersive environment in which visitors use their entire body to explore math.

There’s something for everyone with an array of hands-on activities. Visitors will work together to create graphs of their motions and compare the different rates of motion. Another activity taking visitors through the concept of proportion uses their body as a measuring tool. Using their mind and body, visitors will sit in three chairs that are identical in every aspect except proportional scale. Visitors will to investigate how the chairs differ in size and learn about ratios between different-sized objects.

The exhibit encourages a collaborative approach to solving problems. Open-ended activities provide opportunities for visitors to talk about solutions to the challenges in the exhibit's activities. They can discover how NASA scientists, engineers and astronauts use math in real life to explore space, find new planets, increase the speed of rockets, operate spacecraft and more.

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