Society for the Performing Arts presents U-Theatre: Sword of Wisdom

U-Theatre: Sword of Wisdom
Photo courtesy of Society for the Performing Arts

Based in Taiwan, U-Theatre is a unique theatre company that utilizes drumming, meditation and theatrics to portray stories. In 1988, Liu Ruo-Yu founded U-Theatre to create a group that explore their bodies and minds through performance. Liu Ruo-Yu collaborated with Huang Chih-Chun, a professional traditional Chinese percussionist, to teach U-Theatre company members drumming. The result is a visually brilliant and unique mode of contemporary theatre that is process-based, finely-tuned, and performer-dependent. U-Theatre is grounded in a collective experience based on each member’s personal search for enlightenment and inner balance.

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10.14.17 | 7:30 pm


Jones Hall
615 Louisiana St.
Houston, TX 77002


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