Shades of Love - Romance in Contemporary African Cinema screening: Hyenas


An adaptation of Friedrich Dürrenmatt's famous Swiss play, The Visit, Hyenas tells the story of Linguere Ramatou, an aging, wealthy woman who revisits her home village — and Mambéty's — of Colobane. Linguere offers a disturbing proposition to the people of Colobane and lavishes luxuries upon them to persuade them. This embittered woman, "as rich as the World Bank," will bestow upon Colobane a fortune in exchange for the murder of Dramaan Drameh, a local shopkeeper who abandoned her after a love affair and her illegitimate pregnancy when she was 16.

The intimate story of love and revenge between Linguere and Dramaan parallels a critique of neocolonialism and African consumerism.


Event Details


3.2.13 | 7:00 pm


1001 Bissonnet St.
Houston, TX 77005


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$9 general admission; $7 MFAH members and seniors; $5 Film Buff members.