Rudolph Blume Fine Art Artscan Gallery opening reception: Eating Paint

Auspicious Circling  of Mad Utopias Jackie Tileston
Jackie Tileston, Auspicious Circling of Mad Utopias. Courtesy photo

Eating Paint features five artists, including three with Houston-area roots. The title refers to a 1961 manifesto by Claes Oldenburg called Ode to Possibilities that argues for a visceral and exuberant way of art making, stating that "I am for an art…that spits and drips…that you can squeeze and kiss…which is eaten like a piece of pie…"

The artists in this exhibition share this sentiment and engage in a muscular style of painting charged with pictorial energy and visual opulence. In contemporary art, there has been a return to tactile and physical sensibilities as a reaction to the flat screen and the sterility of technology. As conceptual and digital works in a post-Internet culture have become all the rage, these artists have rediscovered the immediacy and serendipity of the act of painting.

On view through Feb. 28.

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1.24.15 | 6:00 pm


1836 Richmond Ave.
Houston, TX 77098


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Admission is free.