Project Row Houses presents The Collectors Club grand opening

The Collectors Club
Photo by Alex Barber

Project Row Houses has spent the past two decades supporting the creation and exhibition of art in order to foster a positive, creative environment in Houston’s Third Ward. With its latest initiative, The Collectors Club, PRH seeks to continue its support of the artistic community by establishing and growing an expansive network of support for artists and collectors alike by cultivating a stronger connection between these two groups.

When purchasing art, experienced collectors use several support systems to guide their decisions. Still, there are many collectors who share this desire but lack the skills or knowledge to do so confidently. The Collectors Club responds to this need with a series of events that educate artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts by allowing them to engage with one another while celebrating and acquiring the knowledge and skills to collect and be collected.

The Collectors Club encourages collectors, at any skill level, to look beyond the art and establish a rapport as a means of building a deeper connection to the artists they collect and develop a stronger narrative within and around their collection. The Collectors Club is built on a vision of using art, creativity, and education to create opportunities for individuals while simultaneously growing PRH’s community of artists and collectors.

Event Details


9.17.15 | 6:30 pm


Project Row Houses
2521 Holman St.
Houston, TX 77004


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Admission is free.