Prohibition Supperclub & Bar presents Magnolia City

Magnolia City
Photo by Prohibition Supperclub & Bar

Prohibition Supperclub & Bar and The Moonlight Dolls will present their first immersive theater production, Magnolia City, Houston’s turn of the century moniker.

Guests will enjoy the revelry at the Golden Key, a speakeasy casino circa 1926. Meet flappers, starlets and notable Houstonians of the era including industrialist John Kirby, distillery tycoon Charles Romano, media magnate William P. Hobby, billionaire Howard Hughes, casino owner Jackie Freedman and more. Other VIPs in the crowd will include celebrities like designer Coco Chanel, radio personality Sophie Tucker, actress Mae West and singer Annette Hanshaw. The Moonlight Dolls will provide musical entertainment.

The weekly, immersive murder mystery production will blur the line between guests and cast, allowing the audience to roam and explore the performance space as the story unfolds around them. Dance, drink and mingle with the cast and other guests while looking for clues to piece together an intricate “who done it.”

General admission tickets start at $35 per person and VIP tickets with champagne from $60. Become a part of the show with character tickets starting at $60. Family style dinner will be served for $45 per person (not included in ticket price). Time period costumes are strongly encouraged.

Event Details


10.4.15 | 7:30 pm
10.4.15 | 5:00 pm
9.27.15 | 7:30 pm
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9.27.15 | 5:00 pm
9.20.15 | 7:30 pm
9.20.15 | 5:00 pm
9.13.15 | 7:30 pm
9.13.15 | 5:00 pm
9.6.15 | 7:30 pm
9.6.15 | 5:00 pm
8.30.15 | 7:30 pm
8.30.15 | 5:00 pm
8.23.15 | 7:30 pm
8.23.15 | 5:00 pm
8.16.15 | 5:00 pm


Prohibition Supperclub and Bar
1008 Prairie St.
Houston, TX 77002


Ticket Info

$35-$100. Family style dinner is $45 extra.