Progress Theatre presents The Burnin'

Progress Theatre presents The Burnin'
Photo by Melisa Cardona

The Burnin' is an acapella musical, or NeoSpiritual, fusing styles from the blues and jazz to spoken word and hip hop, inspired by the 1940 Rhythm Club Fire of Natchez, Mississippi, and the 2003 E2 Club Stampede of Chicago, Illinois. Following a group of clubgoers before, during, and after two re-imagined U.S. club tragedies, The Burnin' explores personal and communal definitions of freedom, survival, and identity during times of change.

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9.18.16 | 3:00 pm
9.17.16 | 7:00 pm
9.16.16 | 7:00 pm
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9.11.16 | 3:00 pm
9.10.16 | 7:00 pm
9.9.16 | 7:00 pm


Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston (MATCH)
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002


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