NobleMotion Dance presents Supernova

NobleMotion Dance presents Supernova
Photo by Lynn Lane

The centerpiece of the evening is the world premiere of Supernova, a dance that emulates the lifecycle of a star. The work opens with one dancer dimly lit and progresses to 25 dancers in rip-roaring chaos and searing, white, hot, light. The explosive end becomes so bright the dancers don tinted goggles. Supernova is a visual and kinesthetic assault.

NobleMotion pays tribute to the classic modern aesthetic in their largest collaboration to date, Pentimento. Pentimento by definition “is an alteration of a painting, evidence by traces of previous work, that suggests the artist changed his or her mind.” Part beautiful, part haunting, Pentimento plays with the perception of time as dancers morph in and out of the past. Remnants of classic modern dance are revealed and swallowed by a ghostly set made of tulle and projection design. The collaborative team includes original music by David Ikard, set design by Liz Freese, costume design by Barry Doss, and projection and light design by David Deveau.

Spitting Ether Reimagined updates one of NobleMotion’s critically acclaimed and visually alluring works. Spitting Ether is a reality-bending dance that uses technology to blur the lines between the digital and corporeal world. Images of afterlife abound as dancers fly through walls of fog and vibrate into disintegrating pixels.

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8.27.16 | 7:30 pm
8.26.16 | 7:30 pm


Hobby Center for the Performing Arts
800 Bagby St.
Houston, TX 77002


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