The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston presents Dr. Sushma Jansari

Dr. Sushma Jansari
Dr. Sushma Jansari Photo courtesy of The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

Two thousand years ago, the Kama Sutra, a Sanskrit work on an idealized way of life, was written, containing advice ranging from friendship and equality of women to decorating tips as well as ... sex. To cast the Kama Sutra as merely a sex manual is to miss the point of the text - it is one of the world’s best-known but most misunderstood works.

While dispelling misinterpretations, Dr. Sushma Jansari will place the Kama Sutra in context and show how it has influenced Indian culture through the centuries. Specifically, she will explore the role, agency, and representation of women in ancient India by looking at, and decoding, some of the most important and beautiful surviving sculptures and reliquaries discovered by archaeology in South Asia. The truth is far more intriguing than the cliché.

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9.26.19 | 6:30 pm


Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
1001 Bissonnet St.
Houston, TX 77005


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