Moores School of Music presents AURA Contemporary Ensemble: Metamorphosis

AURA Contemporary Ensemble
AURA Contemporary Ensemble Photo by Pin Lim

AURA’s “Metamorphosis” contemplates the concept of change through the music of Australian and American composers. One of Australia’s most accomplished composers, Brett Dean, explores the profound changes of an ageing father in “Old Kings in Exile,” while his younger colleague Cassie To transforms the bird songs of five endangered Australian species into conventional melodies in “Avialae.” New York City based composer Nico Muhly channels the music of Philip Glass through quotes and gradually evolving patterns in “Doublespeak,” and UH graduate student composer Robert J. Coe will present his vision of metamorphosis in a new work that AURA will premiere.

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11.20.17 | 7:30 pm


Moores School of Music
3333 Cullen Blvd. #120
Houston, TX 77004


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