Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company presents The Hunchback of Seville

<i>The Hunchback of Seville</i>
Photo courtesy of Mildred's Umbrella Theater Company

Travel back to 16th century Spain with this madcap re-telling of Spanish history and colonialism. Columbus has just returned from the New World, Queen Isabella is dying, the country is in the grips of the Inquisition, and Maxima Terriblé Segunda, the brilliantly nerdy and introverted adopted sister of Her Royal Highness is brought out of forced exile to reign as regent for the bratty Infanta Princesa. Watch as Maxima wades through the layers of prejudice, politics, and religion that made the Conquest and our modern world to save her country and herself.

Sharp, witty, and hilarious, with elements of Quentin Tarantino, Hunchback is a masterpiece of revisionist history.

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4.6.19 | 8:00 pm
4.5.19 | 8:00 pm
4.4.19 | 8:00 pm
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4.3.19 | 8:00 pm
4.1.19 | 8:00 pm
3.31.19 | 3:00 pm
3.30.19 | 8:00 pm
3.29.19 | 8:00 pm
3.28.19 | 8:00 pm


Alley Theatre
615 Texas Ave.
Houston, TX 77002


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