MECA presents Your Healing is Killing Me: A Performance Manifesto

Virginia Grise
Virginia Grise Photo by Netza Moreno

MECA will present Chicana playwright and performer Virginia Grise with her new play, Your Healing is Killing Me.

Your Healing is Killing Me is a performance manifesto that seeks to replace individual self-care with collective self-defense. The play is one artist’s reflections on living with post-traumatic stress disorder, ansia, and eczema in the new age of trigger warnings, the master cleanse, and Kickstarterfunded self-care.

The story is based on lessons learned in San Antonio free health clinics and New York acupuncture schools; from the treatments and consejos of curanderas, abortion doctors, Marxist artists, community health workers, and bourgie dermatologists. Part performance, part lecture, part therapy, this performance is unprocessed, gluten, and guilt free because Capitalism is toxic and The Revolution is not in your body butter. 

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1900 Kane St.
Houston, TX 77007


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