Luciole International Theatre presents Educating Rita

<i>Educating Rita</i>
Photo by Pin Lim

Laurence Olivier Award-winning comedy Educating Rita takes a poignant, deeply moving, and yet hilarious look at an intrepid 26-year-old hairdresser quest for inner growth, culture, and education. As she enrolls for an open-university course taught by disillusioned Professor Frank who is battling his own demons, they both are forced to confront their own class assumptions.

The play is a complex investigation of class and education. What does it take to pursue a dream? Could such quest alienate your community and your own history? What do you have to sacrifice? Is it worth it?  Through a delightful and inspired fusion of comedy and drama playwright Willy Russel attempts to answer these questions while celebrating the possibilities of education and transformation.

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1.27.19 | 4:00 pm
1.26.19 | 8:00 pm
1.25.19 | 8:00 pm
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1.24.19 | 8:00 pm
1.21.19 | 8:00 pm
1.19.19 | 8:00 pm
1.18.19 | 8:00 pm


Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston (MATCH)
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002

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