Izakaya presents Shochu for Dummies

Photo courtesy of Izakaya

Midtown’s Izakaya is hosting a Shochu for Dummies class and tasting focusing on this intriguing alcoholic drink. There’s no more appropriate place to learn about and enjoy this very trendy Japanese beverage since Izakaya has the largest selection in Houston.

The Shochu for Dummies class at Izakaya will cover the history of shochu, how it is made from different ingredients such as rice, barley, buckwheat and sweet potatoes and why different parts of Japan use different ingredients. The class will taste shochu, both alone and in cocktails. There will be food pairings as well, all created by Executive Chef Jean Philippe Gaston.

Event Details


4.13.17 | 6:30 pm


318 Gray St.
Houston, TX 77002


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