Italian Cultural & Community Center presents La Piccola Cucina

Italian Cultural & Community Center
Photo courtesy of Italian Cultural & Community Center

The Italian Cultural & Community Center will host its next edition of La Piccola Cucina, a hands-on cultural culinary experience for children aged 3-10 years old. The children will be preparing “occhi di bue,” which translates to "bullseye," circular shortbread cookies filled with jam or Nutella and topped with powdered sugar. These sweet treats come in typically large sizes and can be found at bakeries across Italy. They are originally from the region Trentino Alto Adige on the border of Switzerland and Austria, where they’re known by their German name Spitzbuben. This German iteration translates to “little rascals” or “mischievous children,” named for children stealing the cookies as soon as they were made.

Children will wear chef aprons and toques and learn basic Italian language, metric system and culture while preparing authentic Italian cuisine.

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9.9.17 | 11:30 am


1101 Milford St.
Houston, TX 77006

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