Indian Performing Arts-Samskriti presents Aaja – A Tale Of Karmic Destiny

Indian Performing Arts – Samskriti presents Incredible India: Unity in Diversity
Photo courtesy of Indian Performing Arts – Samskriti

Aaja – a Tale of Karmic Destiny is the first production to flawlessly combine Bollywood, Cirque, and contemporary styles into an intriguing and beautifully told story.

The story follows a young woman in a surreal, dream-like Bollywood world. Drawing upon the mythical tales of anient India, she encounters various characters such as an aerial goddess, a hypnotic serpent, an enchanting fire-eater, mysterious ballerinas and an enigmatic enchantress who change her world for the better by enabling her to experience her Karmic journey as it unfolds.

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9.1.19 | 8:15 pm


Miller Outdoor Theatre
6000 Hermann Park Dr.
Houston, TX 77030


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Admission is free.