Improv comedy: Structure presents The Pretty Flower

Improv Comedy: Structure presents "The Crash Atlas"

Structure features comedians who work together to create an improvised art piece that explores human nature and the absurd comedy of life. During the months of September and October, Station's weekly powerhouse show performs The Pretty Flower, an evolution of a monoscene that allows players to explore additional worlds of a base scene through deconstruction and tag-outs.

Cast includes Amechi Ngwe, Antoine W.B., Calan Lambert, Carrie Koch, Danny Neumann, Jamie Meeks, Kenneth Andrews, Matt Gawloski, Monica Marcha and Skippy Cooper.

Each week a different comedian or comedic project opens. All shows are BYOB.

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10.30.14 | 8:30 pm
10.23.14 | 8:30 pm
10.16.14 | 8:30 pm
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10.9.14 | 8:30 pm
10.2.14 | 8:30 pm
9.25.14 | 8:30 pm
9.18.14 | 8:30 pm
9.11.14 | 8:30 pm
9.4.14 | 8:30 pm


1230 Houston Ave.
Houston, TX 77007


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