Houston Maritime Museum presents Viking Masters of the Northern Seas

The Viking Age began in the 8th century, and by the 11th century, the Vikings had Scandinavianzed most of the Northern Hemisphere while leaving many questions behind in the process. Why did they leave their home? What were their main tools of expansion, exploration, and discovery? Ships? Masts? Sails? Was this time a Diaspora based on the model of the spread of Jewish 1st century dispersion and settlements? Or an Age of Discovery that shares similarities to 15th century Portuguese and Spanish explorers, as well as the merchants and settlers who followed them? Who were these people, anyway? Raiders? Traders? Farmers? Did the Viking Age really end with the death of Magnus Barelegs, the last Viking king, in 1103? Or was it just the beginning?

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Houston Maritime Museum
2311 Canal St. Suite 100
Houston, TX 77003

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$5; veterans are free