Houston Maritime Museum History Lecture Series: The First Texas Navy, 1835-1837

This powerful presentation takes place in the throes of the Texas Revolution, as the provisional government of Texas scrambled to put together a naval force to wreak havoc upon the Mexican supply lines. Having first resorted to the use of privateers (state sponsored pirates), Texas was able to borrow money in New Orleans in early 1836, to secure the warships Liberty, Invincible, Independence, and Brutus.

This is the story of those four ships, the roles that McKinney & Williams, the Allen Brothers, Captains Hawkins, Hurd, Thompson, and Brown played, as well as the significant contributions these aggressive men made on the high seas in the fight for Texas Independence. Despite their heroic deeds, the Navy soon found itself drowning in a sea of red ink; crippling the effectiveness of the fighting force as the flow of funds needed to maintain a strong military was quickly exhausted.

This remarkable story of the first Texas Navy is triumphant, tragic, and highly entertaining.

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5.9.17 | 7:00 pm


Houston Maritime Museum
2311 Canal St. Suite 100
Houston, TX 77003


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