The Houston Composers Salon presents New Works

Thomas Helton
Thomas Helton Photo by Peter Gannushkin

The Houston Composers Salon presents Thus Have I Heard by Hsin-Jung Tsai and Thomas Helton will be performing and discussing a new notation system.

"Thus Have I Heard" by Hsin Jung Tsai will feature:

  • Shawn Renzoh Head, shakuhachi
  • Seth Paynter, tenor saxophone
  • Ryan Gabbart, trombone
  • Chapman Welch, guitar/piano
  • Mozhu Yan, violin
  • Thomas Helton, bass

The following will be the pieces by Thomas Helton:

  • Solo for Tenor Sax  - Seth Paynter
  • Solo for Piano -  Hsin Jung- Tsai
  • Solo for Guitar - Chapman Welch

Tsai, a native of Taiwan, has had her compositions performed in Japan, Europe, Taiwan and the United States. Helton is a composer and bassist who writes and performs music in both solo and ensemble settings. The mission of the Houston Composers Salon is to expand the understanding and impact of contemporary music through composition, performance, and education.

Event Details


2.8.18 | 7:30 pm


Cullen Hall at the University of St. Thomas
4001 Mt. Vernon St.
Houston, TX 77006

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Admission is free.