Houston Ballet presents Marie

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The past unfolds in Stanton Welch AM’s dramatic retelling of France’s infamous young monarchs, Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI. This three-act ballet chronicles the Queen’s tragic life in a time of immense social and political strife for the people of France.

Beautifully designed by Kandis Cook, Marie is elegant and extravagant, poignant and powerful, and follows one woman’s complex struggle to protect her family, friends, and nation. With compositions from Shostakovich’s rich body of work, Marie has been performed internationally and remains an example of Welch’s powerful blend of storytelling, artistry, and choreography.

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6.23.19 | 2:00 pm
6.22.19 | 7:30 pm
6.21.19 | 7:30 pm
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6.16.19 | 2:00 pm
6.15.19 | 7:30 pm
6.14.19 | 7:30 pm


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