Houston Archeological Society presents The Conquest of Canaan: Archeology in Ancient Jericho

Wilson W. "Dub" Crook
Wilson W. "Dub" Crook Photo courtesy of Houston Archeological Society

Wilson W. "Dub" Crook will give a presentation on his recent research on Ancient Jericho (Tell Es-Sultan) entitled “The Conquest of Canaan: Who Were Those Guys at Jericho?.”

Tell Es-Sultan or Ancient Jericho is one of the most excavated sites in the Middle East and yet it remains one of the most controversial. British archeologist John Garstang excavated the site between 1930-1936 and concluded that the city had indeed been destroyed in a single massive conflagration in the manner as described in the Biblical book of Joshua.

Crook will discuss the history of all the previous work conducted at Ancient Jericho and then conclude with his own interpretation as to the date of the destruction of the city. As part of this work, Crook will talk about the two artifacts he recently uncovered at Jericho and their implications regarding a final occupation in the early part of the Late Bronze Age.

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1.17.19 | 7:00 pm


Trini Mendenhall Community Center
1414 Wirt Rd.
Houston, TX 77055

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