Hotel Ylem presents Meet-and-Greet with artist Janavi M. Folmsbee

Janavi M. Folmsbee mural at Hotel Ylem
Photo by Janavi M. Folmsbee

Hotel Ylem will present meet-and-greet with artist Janavi M. Folmsbee, whose mural, entitled “Waves of Wonder,” is on the side of the hotel. The painting focuses on three themes: water, mother, and “ylem,” a term used to describe the “primordial bits of matter that form existence.”

Unlike other muralists, Folmsbee is rooted in fine art and uses the same techniques and attention to detail on the large walls as on her canvases in the studio. She mixes her own paint colors for her murals. For her project at Hotel Ylem, she included grinding mother of pearl dust into the pigment.

Event Details


7.27.17 | 6:00 pm


Hotel Ylem
8080 Main St.
Houston, TX 77025


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Admission is free.