Horse Head Theatre presents The Aliens by Annie Baker

Horse Head Theatre presents The Aliens by Annie Baker
Courtesy of Horse Head Theatre

The Aliens is a delicate drama that follows two friends — KJ, played by Kevin Jones, and Jasper, played by Drake Simpson — who appear to be moving in slow motion as they hang out in the back of a coffee shop. Their candid conversation and laid back mentality is an illustration of their go-nowhere attitude toward life. They used to have a band, but they could never quite agree on a name. The Aliens was one of their top choices.

But as the play progresses, and with the introduction of high schooler Evan, played by newcomer Logan Vaden, KJ and Jasper's relationship takes a turn down a foreboding path.

The Aliens was written by OBIE Award winner Annie Baker, author of Body Awareness and Circle Mirror Transformation, which were presented by Stark Naked Theatre and the Alley Theatre, respectively. Horse Head Theatre's production will mark the work's regional premiere.

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9.7.13 | 8:00 pm
9.6.13 | 8:00 pm
9.5.13 | 8:00 pm
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8.31.13 | 8:00 pm
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307 Fairview St.
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$20 general admission; $10 students with ID.