Hooks-Epstein Galleries presents Lorena Morales and Lauren Salazar opening reception

Hooks-Epstein Galleries presents Lorena Morales and Lauren Salazar
Photo courtesy of Hooks-Epstein Galleries

Hooks-Epstein Galleries will present Lorena Morales: Pathway to Nowhere or Anywhere and Lauren Salazar: Togetherness Undone.

Morales’ exhibition focuses on the concept of “home.” In Pathway to Nowhere or Anywhere, Morales' emotions and memories, from her homeland and her adopted home, intersect and become abstract; nostalgia is contrasted with joy and expectations.  By painting various colors on plexiglass and paper and playing with light with colored acetate, she explores these intersections and narratives related to her new, mixed cultural identity.

Lauren Salazar approaches her weaving using the components of traditional painting.  Frame, canvas, and hue are approached as equals in creating, and their dependency on one another is evident.  Boldly painted frames are explored three-dimensionally as handwoven canvases bind themselves to all sides and in all directions.  Her exhibition, Togetherness Undone, exploits and changes the metaphor of weaving itself.  Weaving, as in relationships with family, friends, and community, is about creating a unified, strong, and purposeful cloth out of many small and fragile strands. The idea of weaving, in Togetherness Undone, is that the group is more powerful than the individual.

Morales will present an artist talk at 4 pm, followed by the opening reception. Following the opening reception, the exhibits will be on display through July 1.

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5.21.16 | 4:00 pm


Hooks-Epstein Galleries
2631 Colquitt St.
Houston, TX 77098


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