Holocaust Museum Houston presents Survivor Testimonies: Dr. Anna Steinberger

Dr. Anna Steinberger
Dr. Anna Steinberger Photo courtesy of Holocaust Museum Houston

Holocaust Museum Houston will present survivor Dr. Anna Steinberger as she gives her testimony. Germany attacked Poland in September 1939, when Anna was 11 years old. As bombs fell, Anna and her parents and older brother fled eastward together with thousands of other refugees. Eventually, Anna's family reached Rovno, in the Soviet zone of occupied Poland. One day a Red Army soldier knocked on their door and offered them a choice: return home to the German zone of Poland, or "resettle" in the Soviet Union. They chose the Soviet Union, and were sent to Kolchoz, near Stalingrad, where they toiled on a collective farm. When Germany invaded the USSR in June 1941, Anna's brother was drafted into the Soviet Army and the rest of the family was relocated again, this time to Alma Ata in the Kazakh Republic.

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3.14.19 | 11:00 am


Holocaust Museum Houston temporary location
9220 Kirby Dr. Suite 100
Houston, TX 77054

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$8-$12; free for children, students and college-level students with valid ID. Free admission on Sundays.