Dolls & Drivers opening party

Heidi Van Horne presents Dolls & Drivers - Opening Party
Photo by Heidi Van Horne

Locally raised artist Heidi Van Horne will present her first solo photography show, Dolls & Drivers. After 15 years working in the Los Angeles area as an actress, author, and filmmaker, Van Horne has returned to her roots to host a gallery of her work for a three month residency in the popular White Oak shop as a welcome home to the Houston arts community where she first began her career.

Known best for her eight years as a weekly columnist for Hearst Media and the Houston Chronicle as the custom and classic vehicle expert, and for her iconic role in the modern pinup resurgence, Van Horne’s work behind the lens often reflects similar influences, with plenty of steel and wheels mixed with photos of strong and beautiful women.  Her photography has been featured in the Houston Chronicle and in international publications like Garage Magazine, Kustom Magazine (FRA), Car Kulture DeLuxe, Traditional Rod and Kulture, & Cut and Roll (IT).

Also featured for the first time in the exhibit will be the debut of some of the first images from her new book project about women and their relationship with their rides, tentatively titled “Her Ride,” which will showcase a variety of real world women and their custom or classic vehicles, including pinup icon and “Best Ink” celebrity judge Sabina Kelley and her 1965 Impala in Las Vegas, and Bombshell owner Jill Johnson and her Houston Art car creations.

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12.5.15 | 6:00 pm


Bombshell Hair Shop
2802 White Oak
Houston, TX

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Admission is free.