HCC Central Art presents Cat/People 2016 opening reception

HCC Central Art presents Cat/People 2016
Photo by Carl Vestweber

HCC Central Art Gallery presents the opening of Cat/People 2016, a solo exhibition of new works by Texas artist Carl Vestweber.

Vestweber’s colorful collages address the world of popular culture and mass media with a sharp sense of humor, through a lens that is simultaneously childish and adult, celebratory and scrutinizing. Taking his cue from the internet culture and its obsession with cats, one that mirrors his own, Cat/People 2016 is a series of collages created with cat heads cut from Cat Fancy magazine combined seamlessly with figures and scenery sampled exclusively from People Magazine.

The resulting compositions offer a sort of twisted reflection of society, humorous but also unsettling at times. Identifiably “human” moments are undermined by the nonchalant expressions of the cats, and cutout elements, floated on stark empty backgrounds, are complemented by colorful, festive forms. Like the memes that inspired them, Vestweber’s collages provide just enough information, and despite their simplicity, speak volumes.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through August 14.

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7.14.16 | 5:30 pm


HCC Central Art Gallery
3517 Austin St.
Houston, TX 77004

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Admission is free.