Gray Contemporary presents Jack Pavlik: "10 Waves" and Louis Watts: "On Today"

Gray Contemporary presents Jack Pavlik: "10 Waves" and Louis Watts: "On Today"
Jack Pavlik, "10 Waves, steel and electronics", 6ft. x 33ft x 5 ft., 2005 Photo by Jack Pavlik

Gray Contemporary will presents a two installation exhibition, Jack Pavlik: "10 Waves" in the Main Gallery and Louis Watts: "On Today" in the Second Gallery. 

Pavlik's work engages the idea of modular sculptural objects working in and out of rhythmic movement. Chiming sounds punctuate the variations in movement coming from a complex body of angles and curves. In this merging of flexible, organically, moving material and geometric mechanical structures he is posing a larger question for the audience: have we become part of the machines in our world, or have the machines become part of us?

Meanwhile, Watts' "On Today" is an open-ended program. It originally consisted of 64 individual drawings of a single, predetermined composition, which were created using a layered charcoal powder technique. The drawings were completed on a daily basis over the course of several months in 2016, and were driven by exploring questions about factory art production methodology, the idea of transcendence through quotidian labor, reflections of power dynamics, ideas of structural, or "object", drawings, attention to secular mysticism and drone philosophy, as well as speaking to the vernacular of repetitive band posters in urban environments.

Following the opening reception, the exhibits will be on display through October 14.

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9.9.17 | 5:00 pm


Gray Contemporary
3508 Lake St.
Houston, TX 77098


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Admission is free.