Gardening class: Pepper Varieties Talk by Pam Dunker

Picture of habanero peppers
Photo by Marshall Hinsley

Peppers, the sweet hot love affair with a following all its own. Confused by the Scoville unit? This talk will help you understand how it works. Hear about the many uses of the pepper, grown as a culinary plant, a medicinal plant and ornamental plants; learn some examples of each.

Learn about the different cultivars and growth habits of some of the most popular peppers and then hear about some you may never have heard of before. Then shop the Wabash collection for some of your must-have favorites and try out some exotic ones to experiment.

Event Details


2.21.15 | 1:30 pm


Wabash Antiques and Feed Store
5701 Washington Avenue
Houston, TX 77007

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Admission is free.