Gallery Jatad presents Gabrielle Savoy Artist Talk

Gallery Jatad Presents Gabrielle Savoy Artist Talk
Smoke Break Photo by Gabrielle Savoy

Louisiana photographer Gabrielle Savoy will talk about her work in the exhibit Identity at Gallery Jatad.

Savoy is from an old French Cajun family in South Louisiana and the youngest daughter of musicians Marc and Ann Savoy, who were subjects of the Les Blanc film Marc and Ann. Growing up in Southern Louisiana near Lafayette has given Savoy a unique eye for imagery and culture. Her haunting photographs of the yearly Courir de Mardis Gras, which one of her brothers organizes, are reminiscent of stills from Fellini and Passolini films.

Savoy’s photographs, along with the paintings of Monroe, Louisiana artist Vitus Shell and antique figurative objects from Africa, make up the current exhibit Identity at Gallery Jatad.

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6.13.15 | 2:00 pm


1517 Blodgett St.
Houston, TX 77004


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