Frenetic Theater presents Jaime Fruge: Integration

Frenetic Theater presents Jaime Fruge: Integration
Photo courtesy of Frenetic Theater

Integration is a multimedia dance project that explores the idea of social conformity and what happens to humanity when Earth as we know it no longer exists. The evening will present a visually stimulating environment that promises to capture the audience’s imagination through a world where humans no longer identify with individuality and conform to the larger social mass.

Integration opens with a glimpse into humanity’s potential future in a disavowed world depleted of all resources, and survival is not taken for granted. Laborers, religious fanatics, and beggars fill the stage as the remnants of a once thriving society, desperate and struggling to push on. The dancers move independently, yet, synchronously as a single breathing being each different and unique. Video projections depict an environment filled with dust and nothingness. Until one day when everything changes. 

Part two of Integration begins with a devastated earth where individuality has countermanded. The choreography is militaristic and sharp depicts a drone-like atmosphere. Video projections transport Integration to another world, and the introduction of a mutating box is the vehement symbol of conformity. Despite the overpowering of the individual, one character has preserved her sense of self. Will she escape, or be forced to conform?

Integration features choreography by Jaime Frugé, costume design by Marissa Marsh, and lighting design by Mitchell Cronin. Video Projection, also by Frugé, will trigger the creation and destruction of a forsaken earth and the emergence of Integration’s dystopia. Integration promises to challenge the audience’s idea of choreography through the engineering and construction of a morphing confined space.

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8.21.15 | 8:00 pm
8.20.15 | 8:00 pm


Pilot Theater
5102 Navigation Blvd.
Houston, TX 77011

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