Fotofest presents "International Discoveries VI" Reception and Artist Talk

Fotofest presents "International Discoveries VI": Reception and Artist Talk
Renè Peña (Cuba), "Cabeza Blanca", 2015.  Photo by Renè Peña

"International Discoveries VI"  highlights 13 artists from Asia, Latin America and the United States, whose works have been “discovered” by FotoFest curators at international and U.S. photography events and artist studios across the globe.

"International Discoveries" is about discovery, cultural perspectives and different ways of seeing the world. The exhibition and the events around it become a center of creative possibility that highlights FotoFest’s commitment to internationalism, cross-cultural exchange, and the core educational principles of FotoFest’s art programs.

The exhibit will be on display through March 18.

The following artists will be featured:

  • Tad Beck (USA)
  • Ilana Bar (Brazil)
  • Dai Xiang (China)
  • Paola Dávila (Mexico)
  • Fábio Del Re (Brazil)
  • Qian Jin (China)
  • Jung A. Kim (Korea)
  • Hyunmoo Lee (Korea)
  • Tuany Lima(Brazil)
  • Eustáquio Neves(Brazil)
  • Renè Peña (Cuba)
  • Marcel Ruis (Mexico)
  • Zhang Kechun (China)

Event Details


2.18.17 | 2:00 pm
2.16.17 | 6:00 pm
1.21.17 | 2:00 pm
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1.19.17 | 6:00 pm


Silver Street Studios
2000 Edwards St.
Houston, TX 77007

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Admission is free.