First Light District presents Onesie Dance Party

A dancer, a DJ, and a party planner have teamed up to create the sober rave. First Light District, Houston’s only pop-up dance party, provides Houstonians a way to kick-start their weekend by throwing a morning dance party one Saturday a month. Each event has a theme and begins with a yoga or warm-up session, followed by dance instruction to get the crowd loosened up, after which popular Houston DJ (and company co-founder), DJ Miss Berri takes the reigns, spinning EDM, hip hop, and Top 40 tracks.

Attendees are treated to coffee, juice, and healthy snacks, and each event is completely alcohol-free, consistent with the company’s motto that “dance is its own high”. The aim of the company is to promote a healthy lifestyle, provide Houstonians a safe space to dance, and support all things local. The company also has a social purpose, with 10 percent of the profits from each event going to a different local charity.

Event Details


11.5.16 | 10:00 am


The Secret Group
2101 Polk St.
Houston, TX

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