Film screening: The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner

Film screening: The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner

The Challenge of Rudolf Steiner describes Steiner's childhood as the son of a humble railway official, growing up in the Austrian countryside followed by his student years in Vienna towards the end of the 19th century. Hugely influenced by Goethe's scientific writings, he was gradually able to reconcile the powerful spiritual experiences he had had since childhood with his interest in science and philosophy.

Nevertheless it was not until he was nearly 40 years old that he found an audience interested and open to what he came to call his spiritual science. During the last 25 years of his life he lectured extensively all over Europe to educators, farmers, doctors, artists and, above all, to people searching for a way that no longer separated science from religion, faith from reason, spirit from matter.


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2.10.13 | 12:00 pm


800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX


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