Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center of Houston presents Chapter & Verse with Shachar M. Pinsker

Shachar M. Pinsker
Shachar M. Pinsker Photo by Shachar M. Pinsker

Shachar M. Pinsker will host a Sunday brunch and conversation about 
A Rich Brew: How Cafés Created Modern Jewish Culture. Unlike the synagogue, the community center, or the Jewish deli, the café is rarely considered a Jewish space. Yet, coffeehouses profoundly influenced the creation of modern Jewish culture from the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries.

A Rich Brew explores the Jewish culture created in these social spaces, drawing on a vivid collection of newspaper articles, memoirs, archival documents, and photographs, as well as stories, novels, and poems in many languages set in cafés.

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2.10.19 | 10:30 am


Merfish Teen Center
9000 S. Rice Ave.
Houston, TX

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