The Epicurean Project

The Epicurean Project
Photo courtesy of The Epicurean Project

The Epicurean Project is the first-of-its-kind culinary think tank, incubator and arbitrator on what’s hot in the world of food. Martin Preferred Foods will bring together Houston chefs to show off what’s new, what’s to eat, and what’s to know. From micro to macros tastemakers, attendees will see what’s making the cut.

This is not your typical “foodie event.” Rather it’s a college of chefs that will gather for one night to showcase food and menu ideas that will set future trends. The group will share ideas, insights and techniques. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit The Houston Food Bank.

A limited number of tickets will be sold to preserve an interactive atmosphere with chefs for sharing ideas, offering personal insights and highlighting techniques. To purchase, please email

Participating chefs include:

  • Adison Lee - KUU Restaurant
  • Arturo Boada - Arturo Boada Cuisine
  • David Skinner - Eculent
  • Giancarlo Ferrara - Amalfi
  • Hassan Obaye - La Table
  • Ivan Giani - Springbok
  • Liberty Kitchen
  • Alejandro Betancourt - Max’s Wine Dive
  • Sandro Scarafile - Sud-Italia
  • Colin Shine - Franks Americana
  • Richard Mendoza - Westin Woodlands

Event Details


10.5.16 | 6:00 pm


Silver Street Studios
2000 Edwards St.
Houston, TX 77007

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