Dirt Dogs Theatre Company presents Five by Tenn

Dirt Dogs Theatre Company presents Five by Tenn
Photo by Gary Griffin

Dirt Dogs Theatre Company presents five lesser seen one act plays from the iconic American playwright of classics such as A Streetcar Named Desire, The Glass Menagerie, and Cat On a Hot Tin Roof.

  • A New Orleans landlord tries to collect rent from a couple of delusional derelicts who believe to be a plantation owner and renowned artist in The Lady of Larkspur Lotion.
  • Portrait of a Madonna tells the story of a former debutante fighting time, but losing the battle.
  • Talk to Me Like the Rain and Let Me Listen is a morning after story between a Man and a Woman longing for another chance at life and each other.
  • Something Unspoken follows a grande dame's attempt to stay relevant by becoming Regent of her local chapter of the Daughters of the Confederacy.
  • In The Long Goodbye, a young writer attempts to vacate the home of his youth, leaving behind only memories and ghosts.

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11.12.16 | 8:00 pm
11.11.16 | 8:00 pm
11.10.16 | 7:30 pm
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11.5.16 | 8:00 pm
11.5.16 | 2:00 pm
11.4.16 | 8:00 pm


Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston (MATCH)
3400 Main St.
Houston, TX 77002


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