Dinolion presents Red House

Dinolion presents <i>Red House</i>
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Something dark grows in Red House. Beneath a veneer of piety and domestic normalcy lurk secrets to be unlocked.

A girl sleeps restlessly in her car in the driveway of her childhood home. A father struggles to maintain control. A mother tirelessly tidies up, desperate to allay her fears about what she keeps hidden from herself. A child cries out and then silences herself. A family lives divided, as musicians wander the halls unseen to the characters whose lives they score, and strange spirits possess the home with an unspoken power. What mystery binds them all together in Red House to relive and repeat their stories?

Only the boldest are fortunate enough to uncover all the truths buried within Red House. Patrons roam freely, observing and interacting with the characters and environments while the stories of this home unfold around them. Actors and dancers traverse the space as musicians and sound artists underscore the narrative with the music of Houston's Black Kite.

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4.30.17 | 11:00 pm
4.30.17 | 8:00 pm
4.29.17 | 11:00 pm
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4.29.17 | 8:00 pm
4.28.17 | 11:00 pm
4.28.17 | 8:00 pm
4.27.17 | 11:00 pm
4.27.17 | 8:00 pm


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4501 Caroline St.
Houston, TX 77004


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