Deborah Colton Gallery presents Rebuilding after Hurricane Harvey panel discussion

Molly Gochman: "Drenched" opening reception
Photo by Molly Gochman

Artist Molly Gochman is hosting a panel discussion about the path to a more equitable Houston in Harvey’s aftermath. Guests will learn more about what's been done over the past several months and what plans are in the works for the future.

The panel will be held in conjunction with Gochman’s exhibit, "Drenched," an examination of life in Houston after Hurricane Harvey. The work also explores life in India after extreme flooding. By looking at both environments, the artist is able to show the myriad ways water works to build, destroy, connect, devour and grow.

Event Details


4.19.18 | 6:00 pm


Deborah Colton Gallery
2445 North Blvd.
Houston, TX 77098


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Admission is free.