Deborah Colton Gallery presents Oleg Dou: "Select Works" opening reception

Oleg Dou: "Select Works" opening reception
Oleg Dou, Ronald 2, 2008, C-Print Face Mounted with Acrylic, Edition 3/6, 47 x 47 inches Photo by Oleg Dou

Deborah Colton Gallery presents "Select Works," an exhibition of contemporary multimedia artworks by Russian artist Oleg Dou.

Dou’s work is continuously inspired by his interest in human individuality and self-expression and the attempts to solve the problem of identity in our times. Visually inspired by the culture of fashion and surrealists, many of his projects are devoted to the relationship between human’s inner self and their behavior in society and suggest that the expectations of society set the standards of behavior and thought, in terms of what is appropriate and acceptable.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display until April 20.

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Deborah Colton Gallery
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Admission is free.