Dallas VideoFest: Shorts Program

Dallas VideoFest: London International Advertising Awards
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The screening features stories from around the globe, each  filled with its own set of problems — tragic or trivial. The event includes the locally produced documentary The Trouble with Ray by Travis Johns, The Arnold Chronicles by John Dean Alfone, Held Together by Venom by Michael Gonzales, Blur by Courtney Ware, Dream Big by Carmen Menza, We Need to Talk About A.L.E.C by Rebecca Rice and I Don’t Understand (Love) by Robert Hannant.

VideoFest is now the oldest and largest video festival in the United States, and continues to garner critical and popular acclaim. Since 1986, VideoFest has specialized in independent, alternative and non-commercial media, presenting hard-to-find works rarely seen on television, in movie theaters or elsewhere, despite their artistic excellence and cultural and social relevance.

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3.7.15 | 6:30 pm


14 Pews
800 Aurora St.
Houston, TX


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