Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts presents "(Ms.)Understood: A Panel Discussion"

Lynne McCabe

A public conversation between Jacki Apple, visual, performance and media artist; Lynne McCabe, Mitchell Center and Blaffer Art Museum artist in residence; and Elizabeth Gregory, professor of English and director of Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of Houston, this panel will be moderated by Jenni Sorkin, assistant professor of contemporary art and critical studies in the School of Art at the University of Houston.

The participants will discuss the feminist potentialities and limits of "social sculpture." Social relations and experience-as-medium have become increasingly common in contemporary art, for many artists orchestrate social gestures and services as primary modes of working. McCabe's Room to be (Ms.)understood: A Social Sculpture Workshop aims to interrogate the origins and genealogies of these practices by looking to a different, often neglected history of feminist writing, performance and site-specific interventions from the 1970s.

This event is associated with McCabe's course Participation and Feminist Strategies.

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11.13.12 | 5:30 pm


120 Fine Arts Building
Houston, TX 77004


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Admission is free.