Choreographer Stephanie Sermas presents Calliope!

Photo by Kimberly Platt

In her first full-length work, choreographer Stephanie Sermas tells the story of Calliope Charisse, the Maria Von Trapp of dance, a Greek immigrant, who has had a lasting influence on dance in Hollywood and on Broadway.  The story of Calliope Charisse and her children could easily be a story in the headlines today: an immigrant family almost turned away from this country whose members go on to make an immeasurable contribution to the artistic heritage of America; a single mom of 11 children, who turns what some might consider a liability into an asset to herself, her children, and America.

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3.25.18 | 2:30 pm
3.24.18 | 7:30 pm


Houston City Dance Studio
1307 W. Clay St.
Houston, TX 77019


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